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HR O came into existence in jan2001 when one day, on 5th of the month, 7 educated young women   of the Mouza Rai Pur Chah Ferozwala Tehsil Kabirwala, sat together in the blazing heat of the sun, under a mango tree among the mud houses of the village. All the young women seemed to be worried about the worst financial condition of the women, in general and the rural community in special. They were talking about the future of the women and agriculture related members of the rural villages, going to dark their future. A big Incident resulted of this organization; In Mohri a family lived called (OATHI) which were very conservative about women inheritance. They proclaimed that women had no rights in land so she had no share in inheritance. Others were saying that she had a right. So owing to these 13 persons including 7men and 6 women were murdered. This incident forced the women to organize and gathers the women for their cause so the organization came into existence. This incidents was broadcast by BBC and others international news agencies. Human Rights Organization is the result of that big incident which gathered the women and united them into one platform.  The women have no political rights; she cannot cast their vote in the election albeit this is their tradition. Their forefathers had promised that they would never allow her women to cast the votes. The women have no rights of education. Women cannot go outside she can live in home this is their place. People are very conservatives This expect and assurance gave them the ethical support to come forward and work together with the community members using their skills and sharing their resources for the mutual development and the prosperity of their future generations. Therefore they started to arrange themselves in the form of a social association to achieve their long termed optimistic objectives.

HRO  vision is to build up and give confidence, to enlarge and civilized, progressive, and affluent culture based on principles of moderation, tranquility, broadmindedness, reciprocal respect, fairness, integrity and clearness, and unity with the deprived marginalized and vulnerable peoples and communities.

HRO IS non-profit non-religious non-government organization based on District Khanewal Southern Punjab Pakistan formed by a dedicated group of development workers and corporate philanthropists to work for the protection and promotion of Human rights and development in all sphere of life.  The office of the organization is located Mouza Rai Pur Tehsil Kabirwala suburb of Mohri Pur which is very notorious for violating human right District Khanewal is one of the poorest district of Punjab province and the rural communities live in miserable situations. This is a women organization working for the cause of women   so all activities are designed with the cooperation and collaboration of the women and general masses. The general body which is consists on the women at the grass root level also called on when designing any activity so as to empower the women.  Our interventions broaden the communitiesí vision towards strategic dimensions of their community based development work. Our thematic areas of services are i.e. sustainable agriculture, women rights  empowerment,  women land rights ., advocacy for the rights of women , women rights of education , women access to justice is our motto of the organization ,adolescentís reproductive health, Education, primary health, and community physical infrastructure projects  . The activities are focused to benefit women and children in broader context as women and children are the most vulnerable segments in our target areas ad they become the prime victims of poverty, misery, hunger and injustice.




"To work for the poor, marginalized, disadvantaged vulnerable, section of the society enabling them to fight for their rights through participatory approach and involvement of community at the Grass root Level"


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