Organization Moto  Protection of Human Rights
    Rights to Life and  liberty
  Struggle to safeguard  the basic Human Rights of Vulnerable communities
 Research on Women Rights


 Protection of Social and Economic Rights
 Strengthening democracy  Lobbying for Women Rights
 Social integration  Advocacy for Marginalized Sections
 Work for Political Rights  Struggle for Social and Economic change
 Growth  via Human Rights  Women Participation  in  Politics
 Research Based work  Work for  Rule of law
 Expanding HRE  Promoting Political &Legal Rights
women Based Organization working for the empowerment of womenStrengthening ,Democracy  Human Rights , Rule of law ,Transparency,Accountability, in  Pakistan


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 Miss Fouzuia   Manager 

 Miss Quyoom   President HRO

 Miss Tahira Researcher

Miss Yasmeen adviocacy officer

 Imran Khan Networking  Miss  Bushra project Manager

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