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 Human Rights as Education

  Basic Education  as a human rights

Free and compulsory elementary education is a basic human right. It is this right of education , the grant of which will facilitate and empower the individual to successfully strive to acquisition of his/her other rights in the society. Universal declaration of Human Rights resolved by the world nation in 1948 unequivocally pronounced free elementary education as a basic human right of every one. The following Article of Universal Declaration of Human rights, adopted by United Nation reaffirms the importance of free education development of human personality and for world peace.


(1)   Every one has the right to get education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional educational education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

(2)   Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and  fundamental freedom . it shall promote understanding , tolerance  friendship ,among all nations , racial or religious groups  and shall the  further the activities of united nations  for the maintenance of peace .

(3)    Parents have prior rights to choose   the kind of education that shall be given to their children .

(4)                     Manifesto Education for  All  

 In march 1990     Education Ministers of 155 countries  and over 1500 representatives Of NGO donor  and Un  agencies passed world declaration of Education for all. this  historical  resolution supported meeting learning needs  of  Education.


all human being  through free and compulsory  education joint declaration set certain  targets  which are to be achieved by members state  in next ten years  again in April 2000 education ministers  from 164 countries  and over 10000 representatives of civil society organization donor and UN agencies attended education forum we hereby collectively commit  ourselves  to the attainment following goals .

 Primary Education  free and compulsory      ensuring that by 2015 all children, particularly girls , children in difficult circumstances and those belonging to ethnic  minorities, have access to  complete free and  compulsory  primary education.

 Early child hood care centre

  Expanding and improving  comprehensive early child hood care and education, especially for the most vulnerable .

 Learning needs of young and adults

 Ensuring that the learning  needs of all young people  and adults are met  through equitable access to appropriate learning


Adult Literacy

 Achieving 50 % improvements in the level of adult literacy  by 2015 especially among women and equitable  access  and continuing  for all adults basis

 Gender Equality

 Eliminating Gender Disparities  in primary and secondary education  by 2005 and achieving gender Equality  in  Status of EFA  IN Pakistan

 Level of participation  in  primary education  and literacy rate  serve as  indicators of human development  in ac0ountry . unfortunately  Pakistan  stand very low in both area  , it is sad to state  that Pakistan is one of those country  where only half of the more population is illiterate  . Pakistan is placed at 134 The position human development index  of 177 countries during 2006 At present 50 million people  of age  in Pakistan according to the latest data available  about 7% female  in rural areas  illiterate  . only 18 % women in rural sindh  are illiterate . situation is dismal in case of  Baluchistan  where two third population is illiterate  67 % women in village in Baluchistan  are deprived of basic Education .

 Literacy picture  in Pakistan

 Area province

 Overall literacy rate %

 Rural area literacy rate
















 NFBE school system

The organization took crucial step  for establishing  NFBE schools in union councils Umeed Garah , Hussain Abad Sani, Chak Nooring  Shah and kot Bahadar  Batian  the area of  Abdul Hakim Sub Tehsil Kabirwala Dist Khanewal . in these union councils 20 NFBE centers were opened with the cooperation of JICA and literacy Department . these NFBE are running successfully. The organization has future plan  to set up more NFBE schools  so as to ensure 100% literacy rate .the dist Khanewal and Tehsil Kabirwala is highly populous city , with 2.9% population growth rate  the highest literacy rate in Tehsil Kabirwala  is only 34%ignorance poverty  and non cooperation of parentage the basic cause  their is need of parent education which will play key role  in raising literacy rate . HRO wants to set up more community based NFBE schools  in the union councils of Tehsil Kabirwala  and planned to setup 2008 2009  125 NFBE schools Micro credit finance programme was started in 2001  is gradually increasing the disbursement  of  micro finance programme tending towards  more focus on  expanding entrepreneurial options  at the village level as explain in the five year plan        rupees will be distributed to CO,  CBO ,  Cacc and kissan committee this program expanding its outreach to 152 villages .the concept of internal lending  and village book  were promoted by community partners . th e program was started  in 15 villages  across working area after  careful scrutiny of loan application  the program approved and disbursed         Amongst members  .The progress provided credit facility  predominately  in the  wood works  livestock  small scale business  poultry  agricultural farming  38% of the credit amount was disbursed  amongst 42 loanee for small scale business . the details of loanee is as under .


  During the year 2006,  HRO identified a need to inculcate to trade and business borrowers  the significant of developing of their own product   rather than acting as liaison  between and suppliers . even after two years of programme ,inception HRO still maintain  a recovering rate of 100%.  Which speak volume of the field staff.  The borrowers  are committed  to making this A success  as major source of help . HRO has institutional practice  o improve the  correct recovery rate , strong follow up,  process follow have been established to minimized its delinquency  and HRO has redefine  its formulation  of calculating  the recovery rate  its consistent with the international micro finance  best practice. During 2006 HRO focus     budget in delivering training  to the community and staff members . the planned workshops for communities  are expected  to help  thee borrowers

 In exploring new avenue for their business increasing the market demand for their market products  in resulting in better management  of their business . HRO face is the expansion  of its programme  and all it entails  interim of hiring  staff establishing fielded office streamlining process and system procuring assessments .HRO strongly believe  that the most effective tool  is empowering women  the builder of the future  . HRO has been engaged.

 In different projects  and developing activities  especially for women  such as awareness campaign  advocacy against women issue , literacy programme  through conformal school , providing health facilities  especially mother and child health care  also focused on  others different project throughout  district Khanewal . DRCEP programme was started for empowerment of women . through this programme  which was started with the financial assistance of sap pak  emerged a pro women based rights  which is still continue up to date .CCWR   which was also a women political awareness programme  started with the cooperation of aurat foundation  . this was also a pro women rights based programme . HRO organization committed  to women participants  and empowerment  at all levels without any discrimination .




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