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                      Projects description


                      The target project village Ferozwala (Rai Pur )is the most desirable village to setup such primary Health care centre for rural women of Tehsil Kabirwala we already described that the economic and social condition of the women is very worse, they are not in position to think about the education and their rights the foremost problem is how to earn livelihood for their families. The poverty is the main cause of all evils. The women working in the fields are not paid as said accordingly. They have less paid owing to poverty the have no opportunity to resort to others entrepreneur to get job for their livelihood and the literacy rate in the project target area is also very low. Do they always remain in vicious circle of poverty .the people of the target population and especially women are not so powerful to influence the entrepreneur to pay fully. They work in the paddy fields, in the onion fields, they gather fodder, they collect woods for cooking foods, and they work allsorts to save family from starvation. So in these circumstances it is very prerequisite to work for these poor and needy women who are living from hand to mouth and have no alternative means to earn. So such condition is very dangerous. Some feudal and landlords benefits form this vulnerability and molested when they at work so in these circumstances it is very difficult to builds up their socio economic condition. Women works at that location is at risk when they pick cotton, working in the paddy. Harvest season cutting wheat and gather fodder for their animals. Some corrupts and dishonest feudal assist on the stipulation that she will fulfill her sexual desire. Which is very inhuman practice and they will give some additional fodder for this desire.  They always molested that women who seems force and needy so this in human practices started. The rights of women are not found any where this is owing to reason of poverty .so poverty y is a great curse for the poor and  needy women  who are suffering and lacking of food in the home can perform any shameful work .  So talks about rights in this rural area are futile. Adult population of the villages is mostly illiterate. Birth rate among the family is very high. Each married couple has more than five children; people have no sense of proper Health care and nutrition. People use outlet toilet. The ratio of disease like diherrea  , anemia , tuberculosis  , typhoid malaria  and sunstroke is very high . 80% of the pregnant women are suffering from anemia due to lack o nutritional sense and poverty is the main contributing factor. Women always think about their livelihood which is becoming difficult due to low wage rate of decreasing of agricultural production. Main portion of the income are directly related with the agriculture. But due to high price of agricultural inputs the agricultural is remain no beneficial  for the poor women . An important story of Miss Kurshaid Bibi who Husband has been died due t o tuberculosis. She possesses 2 acre land but due to poverty she is not cultivating the land. Now she is working in different home to earn livelihood for their children.  Women rely on the on the traditional unskilled women to consult  and treat the related  to the pregnancy  and the delivery matter . They have no option   for the safety of their life   to take the 100% risk when getting the delivery services from these unskilled traditional women as there is no reasonable transport facility to reach the hospital. People of the village have no reasonable facility  to consult  or get treatment  for the purposes of reproductive health , family planning

                      Or birth control they remain content in this, matter on their fate. Over birth of the babies has reversely affected the mothers and children. The Morality rate among the children is more than 25% in these villages

                       Every fourth baby dies just before or after birth the due to bad health of the mother and improper health check up facilities50%children of the age less than 5 years  remain suffering from the diseases  like dihearea , cough , anemia throughout the year .  People have less knowledge of Health and Hygiene. people working in the field  cannot afford the  to get proper treatment  from any hospital  low income forces the farmers  and the others poor community  to get treatment from the quacks . They cannot afford to get treatment from the expensive doctors. But they are ready to collect limited local resources to solve their problem of health if they are provided  some financial assistance  to meet the initial expenses  to establish primary health care centre in their own village.






                        Need of the project in the area

                     The target project village Ferozwala of Tehsil Kabirwala comprises 255 scattered, small villages. It is located along the north bank of the sidhnai canal at a distance of 15 kilometer in the north from Kabirwala  It is not located any main road (Ferozwala scattered villages) total population 20500 person. the population comprises of about 17 94  families. The average family size is 7.75person per family. 95% population of the target villages directly depends on agriculture. 35 % families are the land less farmers. Others farmers have land holding less than 5 acre, all the population live in the form of combine families. Only men are thoughts to earn and bring their family up. 30 % men and 90 % women are unemployed. There is no transport facility   to reach the town. People use the bicycle and the oxen cart  to reach and get treatment  from the Kabirwala  as there is no Government Hospital or the basic Health Center  near the target village . There is no Middle or High School  near the village Boys and Girls of these villages have to cover along distance of 8 kilometer to reach the nearest High or middle school. Adult population of these is mostly illiterate. Birth rate among the families is very high. Each married couple has more than 6 children .People have no sense of proper health care and sanitation People use out let door toilets.  The rate of disease like diarrhea anemia, tuberculosis, typhoid, and malaria and sun stroke is very high. 80% of the pregnant women are suffering from from anemia due to lack of nutritional sense. There is no facility o f proper medical check up   for the pregnant women near the villages. Women rely on the traditional unskilled women to consult and treat the disease related to the pregnancy and the delivery matters. they have no option  for the safety  of their life  except  to take 100%risk when getting the delivery services   from these   un skilled traditional women  as there is no reasonable transport facility  to reach the hospitals . People live from hand to mouth in these villages. They cannot afford to get treatment from the expenses doctors. but they are ready to collect limited local resources to solve their problem of health, if they are provided some financial assistance frm outside  to meet the initial expenses of primary health care centre  in their village  community is ready to pay   and ready to bear all others expenses for the construction of the building  for primary health centre which is desire demand of the people  community member can also participate  in the financial expenses to some extent . They have no objection to pay for perchi fee and the price of medicines. Community also ready to form a village committee to run the project if the project centre established in the villages it will be owned by the target community and sustain after donor funding is over. .



To Establish   primary health care centre in village Ferozwala within period of two year.

To provide General ailment 7050 person per year 3500 women 3200men 3400 children


2) Family planning services would be provided to 80% couples of target population in health center in two year.


3) To improve health conditions of 60 % rural poor especially women and children of target communities through general treatment in two year.


4) To provide delivery services to 6 women in a month 18 in a quarter and 30 in a year.

5) To provide immunization services to 5000 beneficiaries for two years.

6) To reduce 10 % fertility rate out of existing ratio in two years.

7) To train 40TBAs 20 in Ferozwala Cluster and 20 in Rai Pur cluster (One training session would be of 12 days and other of three days).

8) To assist and train target villagers in improving their own health behavior in two years through trained TBA, s

9) To raise awareness regarding importance of family planning in target communities through mobilization.


10) To reduce 20% mortality/morbidity rate among women, infant and children by imparting training t






 Method of project Implementation


 A project implementation committee ( pic )  comprising of 5 Members  three members from community and two members from NGO

 Will be form to supervise  and assist in the implementation of the project . The project implementation will ensure hire timely hiring the required materials which will assist the construction of the building.  The committee will ensure the timely purchasing the   Building Materials so as to complete the project in time .committee will also see and visit the different suppliers and make arrangement   and ensure its  availability to the different persons working in the projects. Committee will also see the progress of the work and issued the necessary instruction with respect to work completion. The project committee will also appoint the staff and evaluate its performance through regular monitoring. Such evaluation will produce better result. The necessary Medical Equipment will be purchased by the agency and whole sale suppliers and see whether  its costs whether its cost are comparative low. Staff will be appointed through advertise in the daily newspaper and best professionals will be selected for this primary health care centre committee will assess the performance of the staff , solve the hurdle and  problems of the staff  for the smooth running of the primary health care centre .purchase project supply from the suitable wholesaler . Supervise the objectives of the project and check proper maintenance and record of the purchase and issued the necessary instruction with respect to any irregularity . Try it s level best to provide  exemplary health facilities   to the patients  and ordinary persons .. the project committee will also  seek about the details  of the expenditure  been actually borne during the years  and performance of the staff  and executive committee of the project at any time .





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