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  Struggle to safeguard  the basic Human Rights of Vulnerable communities
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 Protection of Social and Economic Rights
 Strengthening democracy  Lobbying for Women Rights
 Social integration  Advocacy for Marginalized Sections
 Work for Political Rights  Struggle for Social and Economic change
 Growth  via Human Rights  Women Participation  in  Politics
 Research Based work  Work for  Rule of law
 Expanding HRE  Promoting Political &Legal Rights
women Based Organization working for the empowerment of womenStrengthening ,Democracy  Human Rights , Rule of law ,Transparency,Accountability, in  Pakistan


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                                      Previous similar donor-funded projects undertaken in the past 3 years


Name of Project


Duration numbers of days or man hours

Start date

End date


Cultivation Bt cotton impact on Human Life seminar / dialogues




11 Aug 2011

12 Aug 2011

Action Aid

Human Rights Education Training Programme with rural communities with respect to women Land Rights. Workshops.

Project director


1Feb 2011

8Feb 2011

Sap Pak

Advocacy  Training workshop for empowering Rural women    about   land rights (workshops)

Project Director


10Feb  2011



 Availability of clean water to flood affected areas rights and perspective to Rural women.

Project Director

Four days

12March    2014

15March  2014


Raising Awareness land rights through workshops and Publications Magazine.

Project Director

one day

20March 2014

20March  2014

Self base

Human Rights Activist Training

(TOT)15 workshops “Know your right about land” .

Project Director


2 April  2014

17May  2014


Formation of women Groups in rural areas and teachers Training.40(NFBE)Schools

Project Director


2Nov   2014

8dec  2014

Self-help base

Skill Training of women five Groups each groups consists 30 unskilled women.

Executive Director

20 days

15 April  2014

4 may  2014

Self base

4 seminar Dialogue will be arranged on gender Issue &awareness in each quarter for the disadvantage groups.

Project Director

Two Days

15 June  2014

16June  2014

Self base

Developed skill training materials and published booklet 1000x120

Project Director

10 days

10March 2009

19March 2009

Sap pak

Seminar on promoting democracy human rights and rule of law.

Project Director


1April 2009

  1 April 2009

Self base

Establishment  of  legal aid centre for Marginalized and vulnerable section of the society for women &girls

Project support committee

Three days

1 June 2009

2June 2009

Self help base









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